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Declutter & Get Organized

  • Wednesday, October 10, 2018, 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM

Many of us have come to regard home organization as a year-long challenge – not just a New Year’s resolution. Sometimes it takes a life event such illness, downsizing, separation or divorce to motivate us to take action. For others, procrastination gets in the way. Dealing with a lifetime accumulation of paper and oodles of possessions can be daunting but you can learn how to gain control of the stuff in your home. The English Oxford Dictionary has defined clutter as “a collection of things lying about in an untidy state.” Attendees will learn their clutter personality type and ways to deal with it. The program will cover overcoming obstacles, advance preparation, storage options and paper overload. It will also look at how to deal with financial records, general papers, clothing, specific rooms in the home, keepsakes and collections. This FREE workshop will help you find ways to let the clutter go. Information on where to sell or donate your no longer needed, wanted or used items will also be shared. Reclaim your living space and recharge your life!

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DR Evarts Library
80 Second Street
Athens, NY 12015