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Find an Eat Smart New York nutritionist in your county to learn more about making healthy eating part of your lifestyle and how to eat healthy on a budget.

Health & Nutrition

Family & Consumer Sciences Program Areas

The Family and Consumer Science program is an ever-evolving set of educational resources and programs that adapt to meet the current needs and demands of the Capital District communities. During these tough economic times, many people are in search of sound, researched ways to live more frugally. The Family and Consumer Science program is here to help county residents live more productive and fruitful lives regardless of their financial status. CCE community educators have provided countless programs over the past year to inform people of ways that they can get “back to basics”, save money, eat well, plan for the future, live lighter on earth and care for their families.

The Family and Consumer Science programs pride themselves on their ability to collaborate with other county agencies and organizations. The Family Consumer Science program offers consumer/financial education, entrepreneurial and economic development, caregiver resources, 4-H Youth Development, Eat Smart New York nutrition, parent education, and youth worker professional development.

2016 Officers

Chair- Linda Law-Saunders

Secretary/Treasurer- Diane Whitten

Membership/Friendship- Tarasha Darden-McKoy

Fundraising Committee- Rensselaer Co Team

Partnering with the College of Human Ecology outreach centers, institutes and departments, Cornell Cooperative Extension provides nutrition, health and resource management programs to:

  • Reduce the prevalence of childhood obesity and chronic disease
  • Foster appropriate parenting, child and elder care
  • Provide education in financial literacy, health care issues, energy conservation, environmental hazards

To find out more about the program offerings in your county see listing to the left.

Last updated July 26, 2019